Top Rated 10 Affordable Best Dog Couch Covers Reviews & Buyers Guide 2020

Adding a new discredited stuff to the family is equals to creating new great messes in the family. The best dog couch cover will be really helpful in the case of keeping the bed or sofa or all of the furniture safe from scratches, the dirt that the dog brings with their bodies, accidents and fur ball of course. In simple words training your dog to keep the couches clean and new is a great way to keep things creating no mess, but the dogs can also be dishonest sometimes to take a nap where they are never allowed to sleep without permission of yours.

Why not let your dog become a loyal family member of yours and live a happy comfortable life without creating any mess on your precious sofa? Get yourself and the dog snuggled up on the same bed or sofa comfortably without worrying about the precious crouch and mess.

Keeping a dog at home means you keep the destruction of your property with yourself at one time or another. However, the people keeping veteran dogs know very well that how to properly puppy proof their houses and for these purpose best dog covers for couch are a really essential part when you want to puppy proof your home.

Now you must be looking for the dog couch covers on sale?

We have decided to provide a list with a review of our top 10 dog couch covers with bolster and strap, Let’s see our list of best couch covers for dogs.

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector YesCheck Price
PETMAKER Furniture Protector Cover YesCheck Price
OstepDecor Couch CoverYesCheck Price
Sofa Shield Original Patent Reversible Large Sofa Protector YesCheck Price
Chiara Rose Couch Covers Furniture Protectors YesCheck Price
RHF Reversible Sofa Cover YesCheck Price
Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover YesCheck Price
H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Sofa Slipcover Furniture Protector YesCheck Price
TEWENE Sectional Sofa Couch Cover YesCheck Price
Elegant Comfort Quilted Leaf Design CoverYesCheck Price

1. Best Sofa Cover For Dogs: MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector

The protector for your furniture is not only for the purpose of keeping things like sofa, bed, crouch, desk, table, furnishings protected to be cleaned from your dog. However, their exists clumsy people in almost every house as well who tend to spill can use these protectors as well. People who have got lighter colored furniture and want to keep their things saved can also give a try to these covers.

You can use these pet couch covers that stay in place for your living rooms they will be providing the same better look as your precious things were like newly bought, as this couch cover comes within 7 different colors. You might be intrested in finding the best dog beds also that we have reviewd which are really affordable and reliable for 2020.

The couch cover will be covering all the surfaces of your couch, it is made up of soft and comfortable material. This couch can provide a perfect and secure your furniture and to ensure it is fit on your sofa set you can adjust its strap as it is adjustable. 

It will be covering the surface of your couch because it is soft and made up of reliable and adequate material. For your safety, let me share with you that this cover is not water-proof. If its protective layer is covered with dirt you can clean it by easily throwing it to the wash as much as it is needed. The Mighty Monkey sofa slipcover has a stylish design and it also comes with a warranty of 10-years which as in my opinion is really enough to understand the quality of the cover. This cover is easily and perfectly adjustable to the sofas and chairs.

This cover is spill and stain resistant that makes it a perfect match for a home where you have both pets and kids. It basically works as a mess resistant. As the cover is not waterproof so you need to clean the mess with a moment so your furniture will remain undamaged.

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Reversible Large Sofa Protector


Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.4 x 5.1 inches

Weight:3.02 pounds

Manufactured By: Hills Point Industries, LLC

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 Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5 (Total Customer Reviews: 572 ratings) 

  • Perfect Fit
  • Secure & adjustable strap
  • Washable with machine
  • Soft & comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Not very much stretchable

2. PETMAKER Furniture Protector Cover with Bolster

The goal of the PETMAKER furniture protector cover is to protect your couch without compromising the comfort of your pet. The side bolster helps in protecting the furniture arms and seat backs and they also work as a headrest for your pet. The front drape is being added as well so it could help to protect your couch or sofa or loveseat. The cover comes with five different colors that will be suitable for any interior decor.

It has a soft plush fabric which is easy to clean spots for saliva spilling from pets mouth and the cover can be vacuumed easily to clean the dust, fur, and hair on it. Inside the bolster, there is a shredded memory foam that protects the extra backing and it also protection of your sofa. It is available in two different sizes with different dimensions. You must check out your furniture dimensions before ordering the couch cover. This PETMAKER protector comes with a non-slip backing which is perfect for faux leather couch cover or genuine couches.

PETMAKER Furniture Protector Cover with Bolster


Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 5 inches

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Model No. : 80-PET6050


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 Customer Ratings: 3.7 out of 5 stars 
  • Comfortable bolster
  • Backing is non-slip
  • Easy to Wash Dirt
  • Memory foam is shredded
  • Good quality
  • Not Machine Washable

3. OstepDecor Couch Cover, Sofa Cover, Quilted Sectional Couch Covers, Velvet Sofa Slipcover for Dogs Cats Pet Love Armrest Backrest Cover

The Ostepdecor cover comes with a high quality of velvet fabric which is really very soft due to which it is not easy to collect the pet’s hairs and the fur from the surface of this couch cover. It is advised to measure your furniture first with the measuring guide available at amazon to measure your furniture.

The OSTEP pet couch cover comes in the form of pieces, which is a good thing as it will be helpful for us in covering the sofa set and with the couch cover easily. It contains multiple types of functions. The velvet couch cover is very helpful for your loveseat, recliner, and the chairs as it protects them from spills, pets, and stains. The best dog couch covers machine washable is very appropriate for all the seasons. It is not just appropriate with the surefit sofa covers but it is also appropriate for the baby play mats, it is also suitable for your bedroom and your floor pads and the window bench mats. It is known as the pet sofa covers that stay in place as per the reviews from people who bought it and used the cover.  

It works great on all types of sofa recliners, chaise, lounge chair covers and especially with your L shaped sofa it suits them best and gives your sofa or couch a handsome look. It works as dirt like hair, food, resistant as the velvet material used for its manufacturing is very soft and cozy.

OstepDecor Couch Cover Sofa Cover Quilted Sectional Couch Covers Velvet Sofa Slipcover for Dogs Cats


Dimensions: 14.4 x 11 x 4.2 inches

Weight: 2.25 pound

Model: CorduroyGrey-10

Warranty: Yes

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 Avg. Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 
  • Washable
  • Comes in pieces
  • Backing is non-slippery
  • Velvet & Corduroy
  • Soft Design
  • Not water-proof

4. Sofa Shield Original Patent Reversible Large Sofa Protector for Seat

The Sofa shield patent reversible couch cover came out with a bunch of different colors and different neutral tones patterns which have a light reversible side. Whereas if you see other sofa couch covers they might slightly give the same look like this but to be honest they are not good in quality match with this shield original sofa protector. It comes with a most generous size that could easily fit on the furniture and it comes in a lot of different colors so it can be of great match as well.

It has an extra thread counts in it which helps in giving a soft feeling and the thickest and very soft feeling provides real comfort. This cover isn’t small and doesn’t give a scratchy feeling but a comfortable soft feeling and fits the size

It comes with a perfect fit for most of the sizes. The protector is being offered in most sizes, patterns and most colors that can be a fit for your furniture. You can choose the protector for your sofa, recliner, chair and couch covers for sectionals to fit. They are being tested as washable and can be dried so each time it gets some dirt and it feels like that you want to wash it you can just wash it, which means you will always have a cleaner look of the couch cover.

The protector design comes with a double layer thick strap that helps to keep the cover on its place and make it effective and strong for your sofa shield cover. The protector has a 10-year guarantee. They claim a lifetime guarantee as its material of design that is used makes it much stronger and the company always stands behind their products to provide quality at an affordable price.

Sofa Shield Original Patent Reversible Large Sofa Protector for Seat


Dimensions: 112 x 0.5 x 74 inches

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Warranty: Yes

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 Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 
  • Soft smooth design
  • Machine washable
  • Can put in a dryer
  • Pet & hair resistant
  • Stay in place
  • Reversible
  • Color may fade(On Repeatedly Washing Protector)
  • Not WaterProof

5. Chiara Rose Couch Covers Furniture Protectors Futon Cover Acacia Light Taupe For Dogs

The chiara rose couch cover comes with different sizes ranging from a loveseat, chair or sofa size. The protector exists in nine different colors with three different patterns. It comes with a guarantee after you get the cover if you feel like you don’t like it you can return it back as the manufacturer provides this opportunity which somehow means that it has something good in it that the provider is sure about that people who will buy it will be pleased with its quality.

The sofa slipcover gives protection from the tear, stain wear, pets, and dogs. The protector cover is not water-proof but partially resists drops of liquid. The back of the cover is filled with dotted like shape that adheres to the fabric of your couch, which makes it a non-slippery and arranged surface and secures the fit of your couch. These protecting sheets are very easy to keep clean and safe as you can wash them, but keep in mind it is slightly capable of waterproofing, as they just protect your couch from drops of water that accidentally happen usually. To clean these couch protectors put them in your washing machine and then to the dryer on low before you place them back on your couch.

The back is non-slip and self-sticking and it is made up of the slide resistant technology as the cover is made using the plastic drop design. As it is a plastic couch cover, which makes it suitable for a variety of fabric and upholstery and velour denim twill linen leather made couches without causing any damage.

Chiara Rose Couch Covers Furniture Protectors Futon Cover Acacia Light Taupe For Dogs


Dimensions:84 x 68 x 0.1 inches

Weight: 1 pounds

Warranty: yes

Check Price On Amazon

 Avg. Customer Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars 
  • Mess resistant
  • Stays in place
  • Good Looking
  • Anti-slip armless
  • Partially water resistant
  • Dots on Back
  • Quick Liquid resistant
  • Not water-proof

6. RHF Reversible Sofa Cover-Great for Home Having Kids & Pets With Elastic Strap

The RHF reversible couch cover for pets and cats comes with a choice of different sizes and different types of colors. The protector is especially made for loveseat, extra wide sofa, futon, chair and a half, recliner sofa etc.

It adjusts on each type of size and fits well and its different covers make your furniture give a pleasant look like your furniture’s original precious look. The fabric type used in its manufacturing is quilted type cotton which makes it a water repellent and makes it perfect for a fabric sofa. The RHF reversible sofa covers are very easy to clean. They can be washed in the washing machine and can be dried in a dryer after washing, a complete guide will be included in the package.

It is very helpful for a home where animals and kids both exist. The seller is also providing a discount of 5% on the purchase of multiple covers. The discount comes because they are promoting their product for which they have some special offers available. The couch cover is not recommended to use on furniture with leather fitting as it does not fit well on leather. It comes with an elastic strap that helps the protector to stay in place and helps prevent sliding. The protector is reversible which makes it special as it can provide you a new pleasant look every season. The cover helps to protect from hair and dirt. So it is also useful for kids as well as for pets.

RHF Reversible Sofa Cover-Great for Home Having Kids Pets With Elastic Strap


Dimensions: 13.9 x 12 x 7 inches

Weight: 3.45 pounds

Warranty: Yes

ASIN: B07BT7235F

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 Avg. Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars 
  • Easy to Clean
  • Water-resistant
  • Good Quality
  • Perfect Fit
  • Easy to Wash
  • Stays in Place
  • Not Recommended For Leather

7. Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover Two-Tone Reversible Water-Resistant Quilted Living Room Cover Protector For Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats

The Furhaven sofa buddy living room furniture protector comes with water-resistant pinsonic fabric covering. It is made for heavy-duty messes and most aggressive fur babies. The protector comes with a double color scheme which is a reversible design available in three-tone color. You can protect your furniture with the padding quilting and add more comfort to it. Aside from comfort only, you can provide yourself with less anxiety with the waterproof couch cover pinsonic fabric protector.

Provide your partner with space by adding the cover protector. It allows the pet owners to flip over to their chosen shade so it could give a better match to your living room interior decor. The different schemes of color help in giving a pleasant look to your room. The protector also includes cushions so it fastens with the furniture properly. The installation measure always provides covers with protecting of long-lasting safety. As it is obvious that pets always come with different cleaning challenges every time so it is designed to meet all those tough challenges, that is the reason the protector is designed as machine washable so we can keep it clean all the time. If you buy it from than you will be provided with a warranty time period as well.

Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover Two-Tone Reversible Water-Resistant Quilted Living Room Cover Protector


Dimensions: 30 x 26 x 8 inches

Weight: 1.8 pounds

Model No: 49301011


Warranty: Yes

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 Avg. Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 
  • Water-Resistant
  • Stays in place
  • Good Quality
  • Stay put
  • Reversible Sleep Surface

    8. H.VERSAILTEX Reversible Sofa Slipcover Furniture Protector

    The H.VERSAILTEX comes with seven different colors. When it comes to measurements this reversible couch cover comes with a different type of upgraded much stronger and adjustable straps for better fitting to keep the cover in place.

    The reversible couch cover protects perfectly from pets, spills, stains, wear and tear, children and spills. The cover protects your furniture cushions from liquids and animals, the cover is ideal for home having babies and shedding cats. The beautiful protector is made with textured faux cotton material that provides a velvety feeling that adds gorgeous styles, its reversible sewing will be adding a better and luxurious look to your furniture.

    The protector is meant to be cleaned all the time for which it is designed using a material that can be machine washed for easy care and maintenance. Never use bleach to wash the protector, but it must be noted that though the material is water-resistant but it is not waterproof, the suggestion is to remove the liquid within 3 minutes after the accident for the safety of your furniture. Which will be helping in extending the life of your couch cover.

    HVERSAILTEX Reversible Sofa Slipcover Furniture Protector


    Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 2 inches

    Weight: 2.5 pounds

    ASIN: B07Q2PQQ6R

    Warranty: Yes

    Material Type: Microfiber

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     Avg. Customer Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars 
    • Easy to Clean
    • Good Quality
    • Water Repellent
    • Reversible
    • Easy to Put
    • Not water resistant
    • No sizes for L-shape sofa

    9. TEWENE Sectional Sofa Couch Cover Washable Technology

    The TWENE furniture protector is available in seven different colors. It is available in sectional parts only, not one complete set. They are made up of high quality fabric that is smooth and soft and it is not easy to collect the fur or hairs. The fabric is premium quality fabric and it is available with complete non-slip backing which makes it give a velvet like soft feeling.

    The sectional sofa covers are multi-functional and work with leather as well as fabric upholstery. All the colors available are very environmental friendly and do not fade easily.

    The best dog couch covers dog friendly are not only good with not only suitable for all seasons but they are also very suitable to baby play mat, bedroom rug, and floor pads, etc. It is always good advice to customers to measure your sofa size before buying the covers and try to buy a bigger size than the actual size of your furniture so it suits well and holds well in the place. The couch can be used for all types of sofa not only L shaped but U shaped and 2 or 3 cushion couch etc. it fits almost each and every sofa very well. Never bleach the couch cover and if liquid falls on it the advice is to clean it quickly for the long life of your furniture.

    TEWENE Sectional Sofa Couch Cover Washable Technology


    Dimensions: 14.1 x 10.8 x 1.9 inches

    Weight: 1.45 pounds


    Material Type: Polyethylene Terephthalate

    Warranty: Yes

    Check Price On Amazon

     Avg. Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars 
    • So Soft to Touch
    • Durable
    • Sectional couch cover
    • Good Quality
    • Stylish
    • Keeps the Fur of Couch
    • Not WaterProof

    10. Elegant Comfort Quilted Leaf Design Reversible Furniture Protector

    The Elegant comfort quilted leaf design protector is valid for each house where there are kids and pets together. The reversible cover always keeps your sofa or couch or loveseat clean. It is available in four different variants: chair, loveseat, sofa and wing chair. It is very comfortable and provides an elegant look, the protector will not only keep you and your pet clean and comfortable but it will maintain the decor of your house as their color is very shiny and matches your good looking furniture as well so it will increase the beauty of your furniture and living room.

    Since it is available in 14 different colors so it is really easy to match the color of your furniture. The cover is also water repellent so it will keep the surface clean from the mess and if any liquid falls accidentally on it then you are advised to remove the liquid immediately so it would not give harm to your furniture set.

    Because the protector is chew proof so it might not be the best fit for super scratchy cats and uber rambunctious dogs.

    To keep your couch cover clean you can wash it as it is machine washable, which will maintain the look of your couch protector as well and keep the decoration of the living room and furniture. Always wash the cover on a delicate cycle. Since the cover is reversible so there will be no need to wash it every day.

    Elegant Comfort Quilted Leaf Design Reversible Furniture Protector


    Dimensions: 13.4 x 11.5 x 5.8 inches

    Weight: 3 pounds

    Warranty: Yes

    ASIN: B019KVZPZ4

    Material Type: 100% Polyester

    Check Price On Amazon

     Avg. Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars 
    • Reversible
    • Comes with quilted slip
    • Machine Washable
    • Water-resistant
    • Not Recommended For Leather couches

    11. CELINE LINEN Reversible Quilted Furniture Protector

    This couch cover comes with a lot of different kinds of colors.It is a good choice for people who want to protect their couches and beds from odor, pet hairs and every kind of a mess. The couch cover is very attractive which makes it a good decor for your furniture to build the beauty of your home. It comes with a reasonable price and a lot of functions. The Celine linen Protector is made up of a special microfiber(Polyester) which is very soft just like Egyptian cotton.

    The couch protector has a water repellent finish. This couch protector is good against protecting your furniture from different spills and messes. It is very durable and it has a long back, specially designed for sofa arms. It does not slip and it covers all the parts of the furniture which makes it more reliable. Whichever color you choose, the material used for the protector is very soft and reliable.

    The Celine linen protector is machine washable and it can be dried also which makes it stay clean and keep your furniture protected. This protector is very easy to install, just by slipping it over your couch. For some customers, they say that the sizing is a bit off, whereas they advertise it that it fits perfectly for the sofas which are up to 92 inches long but in reality, it is a little smaller than that. Keep these things in mind before you buy this couch protector.

    All the dimensions are available so before buying it make sure you measure your furniture for which you are going to buy this cover protector. It comes with a warranty also, and yes it is all one piece. This cover has straps which make it better to stay in the place. It is of great quality and its price is not very expensive as of its features. It is very much suitable for a sofa, loveseat, and chair.

    CELINE LINEN Reversible Quilted Furniture Protector


    Dimensions: 13.6 x 12.4 x 4.9 inches

    Weight: 2.8 pounds

    Manufacturer: CELINE LINEN


    Warranty:  Yes

    Check Price On Amazon

     Average Customer Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars 
    • Good Quality
    • Long enough
    • Stays in place
    • Machine washable
    • Water repellent
    • Not recommended for a leather sofa

    Best Dog Couch Cover 2020 Buying Guide & FAQS 

    If you have any pet like a dog or a cat at your home then you must know how much effort it takes to keep your pets comfortable and your furniture clean. Fortunately, the couch cover exists in this world which is really helpful to keep the environment clean in your living room, The best couch cover near me provides a barrier between your dog and your furniture. This keeps the furniture neat and clean and it looks very comfortable also because now you can clean the mess easily and there are a lot of advantages of having a couch cover. Let’s discuss all these advantages later and let me tell you about how to find the right couch cover within your budget and which is suitable for all of your needs.

    There are few factors to consider before you buy the best dog couch covers outdoor which may be tricky, they are certainly useful. We have not only provided the best buying guide for the best dog couch covers ever but we also provided with a list of top-rated and best dog couch covers cheap existing in the market. Now we are going to discuss the things that you need to keep in mind before you buy the best pet friendly couch covers, these can be the things that you may want to ignore or avoid and also can be the advantages of dog couch covers. Stay with us till the end of the article because we are also going to give answers to the commonly asked question by people about the cover protectors for your furniture. 

    Why Use a Dog Couch Cover?

    The answer is pretty simple as you are willing to keep your house clean and willing to keep the four legs family members at home. So, a couch cover provides a barrier between your house furniture stuff and the pets to keep the sofa and beds safe from dirt, pet hairs and each kind of a mess.

    Certainly, it is a great idea to have couch covers walmart and protectors at home as they are cheap and affordable dog couch covers, and it is not necessary to have a destructive pet to take benefit from the couch cover.

    Little dogs that pee whenever they are excited or extra excited surely compromise couches too. It will be more than happy for you to know that if such a thing happens than you can simply take the couch cover and wash it which is always easier than washing the whole furniture. So at the end of the day, there are a lot of benefits of having a couch cover fixed and a few not to. They protect your furniture from a lot of mess your dog creates.

    Let’s see the benefits of using couch covers:

    1. The couch covers always keep your couches clean
    2. It protects the couches from dog nails
    3. They discourage chewing
    4. They help to protect furniture from shed hairs
    5. They create a barrier between pets and furniture

    Things to Look For in a Pet Couch Cover

    It is important to find the right furniture cover for you and your puppy, for which you must give attention to the following features and advantages before you are going to buy, The 5 important cover features are:

     Quality Material: The first and very first thing to look for in a cover is that its material should be of good quality, What we mean by good quality is: a cover must be very strong so that it can protect from your dog paws and claws. For protecting your furniture from pet hairs, mess and scratches, odor and the dirt the cover should be built up of good material. The material must have some water repellent and some of the water-resistant qualities so that it can protect your furniture from drools and water accidents. 
     Perfect Size: Buying a perfect couch cover is very easy but what matters the most is, does it even fit your sofa? You must always measure your furniture dimensions before buying the cover so always take your time with measuring and match it with the dimensions given on the products page. Sometimes it is possible that the cover you bought isn’t actually the size you wanted it can either be smaller or larger than your furniture size, for overcoming this you must go through the reviews of the product so you could understand better about the product. 
     Beautiful Design: The design of the couch cover is also an important thing to consider, which means a cover which is really easy to install and easy to remove for washing and other purposes this is important. My advice, if you buy a couch cover which is stretchable in nature it will be a good choice for you as they maintain a barrier between your sofa and pet in a better way. 
     Better Style: A couch cover does not have only single responsibility or protecting your couch from pets but it is also responsible for the decor of your living room. Always take time in choosing a better-looking cover or protector that must fit well on your furniture and must keep the decoration or your room and your furniture. The most important thing, if your pet sheds very much then consider buying a protector that matches the color of your dog’s hair. This thing will be helpful in maintaining the freshness and the beautiful environment of your room as it will be kind of hiding the dog hairs on the protector. 
     Usefulness: An important point is, how much is it easier for us to keep the protector nice and clean right? Certainly, you will be looking for a cover which can be machine washed whenever there is a need and a cover which can be vacuumed easily and can be kept clean whenever required! And u must also be willing to buy something that you do not have to wash every day? Surely, a cover that is good in hiding pets fur and dirt and absorbing the odor. For such requirements, you must go with a reversible cover as it will work better for a long time as the reversible covers offer a backup side to use whenever one side gets stained. 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Best Dog Couch Covers

    Q: How can I protect my couch cover from a dog?

    Ans: If your pet is allowed to use the couch protector then you must vacuum or wipe up your best couch cover for dogs every week. Set a boundary for your pet to stay in that area, redirect the scratching and take the cover and never forget to clean it up on the daily basis for a better life of your protector and furniture both.

    Q: How do you keep the couch covers from slipping?

    Ans: Before you put the couch cover on your furniture lay strips of the rug grip on the seat of the couch. 

    Q: How do you wash your couch covers for dogs?

    Ans: All the couch covers for pets listed above can be machine washed. As all the covers are different in nature so they may have slightly different ways of getting washed and there are washing instructions included for each model. It is often good practice to wash your furniture cover over a delicate cycle using a gentle detergent.

    So keeping your couches safe from pet hairs, accidents, shedding, spills, and other messy things that might be brought up by your dog a couch cover can always be made easy by using the above mentioned top 11 best couch covers as they are top products in the market and not only that their prices are affordable and cheap and their quality is also good. Nevertheless, these covers will always be helpful for you in keeping your living room decor and keeping your furniture safe and clean.

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